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After the kind of day I had at work on Wednesday that left me frazzled and tense, I remember getting off the bus in the evening and having a mini epiphany. As the bus door folded shut behind me, I was thinking about yarn.

Tangled yarn. Tangled, unraveled, knotted yarn.

I thought of my day looking like that disheveled yarn and then thought, ‘what if I took the time to unravel some of the knots of my day?’ Project A at work: KNOT. Project B (which is inconveniently overlapping with project A): KNOT. Perpetual interruptions and computer screen freezes that made me even more anxious: KNOT. My proclivity towards catastrophizing even the smallest things: DOUBLE KNOT.

Upon further review, there were numerous kinks throughout my day, all of which were subconsciously injecting anxiety into my thinking unbeknownst to me. And silly as it sounds, this spontaneous mental picture about yarn prompted me to do something I rarely do: stop, review, let go.

Today all the same knots were waiting to form. But I thought about how unnecessary fret is to my peace of mind. I went about my day more mindful of my thinking; more aware of any triggers that were waiting on the sidelines…and I made it a point to speak to myself: “Listen, girl…don’t worry about tomorrow…tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today” (Matthew 6:34). (That’s the New Living Translation…tweaked.)

Let’s just say I was ‘KNOT’ having it.

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