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Summer is about to pass the torch to fall.

Time marches on undaunted by the happenings of this world. Empires rise and fall. World leaders who were once celebrated become yesterday’s news. But on a more detailed yet manic scale, decisions are being made in the lives of billions of people at a feverish rate and with light-year speed: what to eat, wear, buy; where to study, live, travel; who to date, marry, work for; how to survive an illness, balance a budget and raise children. And these decisions, which are made up of a smaller hierarchy of decisions, cascade into limitless number of choices that each life on earth makes, one life impacting another on the continuum of time and constantly changing the course of mankind as we know it.

It is a wonder that I am faced with the challenge of facing my own litany of decisions and am challenged to be still, to wait on God, and in the interim, to not make any decisions at all.

It’s almost counterintuitive.

I am hardwired to move forward with drive and ambition and to act swiftly while my spiritual life bids me to slow down, deliberate with God in prayer and spend time in the word for further instructions. But if I’m to be honest, even pulling myself back into a mode of prayer only means that my time of reflection will only become a time of thinking about what I could be doing to remedy my situation.

These ineffective prayers stem from a shortsighted vantage point and the inability to see God for God as opposed to seeking Him out as the “solution”. And that in and of itself is the biggest decision of all: to decide that He is worthy to be sought solely for who He is and not merely for the guidance He can provide.

When my prayers fall flat or a flurry of decisions are clamoring in my head, demanding to be resolved, I find comfort in knowing that I can hand over the fork in the road to God. The paths before me, in my vision, are dimly lit…but I am secure in trusting the One to Whom darkness is as light.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)





One comment on “Handing Over The Fork In The Road

  1. I have chills. You have reminded me of a truth that I seek to remember for all of my life: He is worthy because of who He is and not for what He provides. Our time of intimacy with God can become a facade for quiet time to plan our how we will make our lives work and how we will accomplish our goals if we are not careful. I appreciate how you took note of the dichotomy that exists in our world of thought and in our lives in general: the world we live in and our internal world clashing in ways that reduce us to maniacal humans unsure of where to focus our energy and prayers.

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